Thick Mixes That Balance Heavy Tone and Clarity

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JoshuaOfEarth is my own personal project where I create atmospheric music based in the post rock genre, but also incorporating a variety of other influences.

Demo Sounds

Cavernous death metal with thick tones and thunderous drums

A progressive/dissonant death metal track demonstrating the use of crushing tones while maintaining clarity and independence between sounds

Hire Me For These Services

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Work with me in person or send me your audio stems remotely and I will turn them into a massive track.

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Take your music to professional audio quality standards and prepare it for distribution on streaming platforms.

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Tracking / Editing

Track guitar, bass, or vocal recordings and edit the audio to remove noise, and other imperfections.


Justin Morris

“Everything! Great player and producer. He put some great guitar harmonies and an awesome solo on my last track! Super easy and open minded to work with. Highly recommend for any type of project!”


“I worked with Joshua on one of the songs for my album and was pleasantly surprised at how fast he understood my concept and created a production fulfilling my creative needs. Moreover, Joshua makes his work affordable and has had great communication skills and responses from the time I’ve worked with him. Totally recommend!”

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